About us

Cutaway n.,  a method of communicating a complex picture or concept effectively by stripping away outer layers, to reveal the core essence of a machine or diagram

Cutaway is a bespoke agency for senior leaders.  

We work with directors and CEOs to enhance their performance.  We protect reputations through expert counsel and experienced advice.  We enable companies and charities to grow influence, securing their future funding and shaping their policy environment so they can achieve the things that matter.

We’re not a traditional agency.  You won’t find us advertising widely or shouting about what we do.  We rely on word of mouth recommendations from the senior leaders we’ve supported. Our track record is at the highest level of major companies and organisations.

We don’t need flashy premises or gimmicks.  We don’t do publicity stunts just to get attention, or pad our work with jargon.  We simply enable you to have the conversations that get you respect.  We help you tell your story so you get results. 

You’re buying our particular expertise: personal, specialised, one on one. You’ll find simple, tailored professional rates for the work you need. 

Our work is discreet, and it’s about putting you, the client, at the centre of your key decision-makers’ thinking.  We work with you to build respect and advocacy with the people who influence your future.