Protecting reputations

Major restructures, changes of leadership, and unforseen crises can derail the strongest of strategies.

When it hits the fan, you’re likely to seek good legal advice.  But there’s no point being legally safe if your reputation ends up trashed.  The case studies are littered with the names of companies and organisations who won the court battle but lost the reputation war.

You don’t want to be the leader who made the right decisions but failed to explain them or gain critical support from the people who matter.

Cutaway has wide and top-level experience advising CEOs and Boards of major organisations in the public, third, and private sector on reputation crisis issues from on-site fire and explosion to criminal allegations and deaths on site, regulatory investigations, and natural disasters.

We work with your in-house teams and expert advisors to protect your reputation, establishing trust and managing the fallout from difficult issues. Whether you need strategic counsel, a critical friend, or support for your own people, Cutaway provides you with the calm, rational, experienced advice you need to get fully integrated, timely, trustworthy communications with your key audiences.  We’re discreet, immediate, and highly respected.