Growing influence

Every charity and public body is dealing with a shrinking pot of funding.  Private companies are dealing with unprecedented market volatility.  Nobody’s immune from change.  And the starting point for influencing your own future is knowing who is going to make the decisions about your funding and your environment. 

We work with you.

Together with your board and executive team:

  • We identify the people who make decisions affecting your future.
  • We assess who influences these decisions.
  • We test how they perceive you, and work with you to find how to tell your story in a way that motivates them. 
  • We give you a blueprint for your engagement work, and we provide any training and support you need so that you can build these relationships yourself.

Whether you need to map your stakeholders from scratch or simply have an independent assessment to see where your gaps and strengths are, Cutaway can work with you.  We’re happy to do this as a project or a longer-term support partnership.